Fishing adventure

Customized fishing excursions

Our goal is to create unique experiences what comes to fishing. As our customer you have possibility to explore and experience secrets of mountain lakes. To guarantee quality of your experience with us, we will listen your wishes. 

We can arrange fishing trips near the village of Kilpisjärvi and surrounding area. Depending on your desires and wishes, we can fish with either fly fishing rod or casting rod. Inflatable boat will take us to the most challenging spots. 


Fishing trip with an inflatable boat

Day trip to Könkämäeno approximately 30km away from village Kilpisjärvi. Könkämäeno is a great spot to hook a big grayling or white fish. An inflatable boat makes trip more exciting and it allows us to reach the most challenging fishing spots. 

Nearby waters of village Kilpisjärvi

It isn't always necessary to go far away in order to find a world class spot. There is plenty of great rivers, ponds and lakes nearby the village. In the right place in the right time these waters can give you huge fish without going far from your warm cottage.

Ice fishing trips

Ice fishing under the spring sun is an experience you don't want to miss. In the spring time when the snow glitters from the sunlight, it is possible to catch even arctic char up to 3kg from the pools of Lake Kilpis, right next to the mighty fell Saana. As our speciality equipment, we have fishing sonar which offers a great help to find schools of char.

Käsivarsi Wilderness Area in the summer time

We can arrange guided adventures further away from village Kilpisjärvi to mountain lakes such as Pitsus or Somas. Naturally we wouldn't leave without an inflatable boat. With that and our professional guide, your dream fish is one step closer. To give cover in night time from mosquitos we have a kotatent where you can sleep peacefully. 

Looking an accommodation?

No worries, Just contact us and we will handle this matter. We offer chalets and apartments in Tundrea Holiday Resort. Just ask for a price!